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Your Expert I.T. Partner

About Us


TimberLAN was started before the turn of the past century with a single philosophy;  "Doing I.T. Right".

TimberLAN was formed from the idea that it is often difficult to see the solution through the technical landscape; and by attracting highly skilled and experienced professionals, we could bring clarity to our clients' business objectives. We began to build a broad base of technology and business consulting services to Identify, Implement, and Integrate solutions that reduce costs and help our clients derive value from their technology investments.

This comprehensive approach and philosophy has continued to demonstrate to our customers a reduction in their operational costs by leveraging technologies to improve their systems performance. With hundreds of satisfied customers we believe this is a testament to our philosophy and commitment.

Since the last century we have been helping our customers, corporate, municiple, and individual, see the forest through the trees.

Call us today, we would love to begin a relationship with your organization and become "Your Expert I.T. Partner".